Bitter Nostalgic

by Mike Terry

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released May 24, 2016



all rights reserved


Mike Terry New York

Hey It's Terry from The Jukebox Romantics! I'm a pretty positive guy. These are pretty sad songs. There's some "hope" sprinkled in there though. PMA?

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Track Name: Bitter Nostalgic
Bitter Nostalgic
This bitterness is surprising
When you’re always in a positive mood.
What we loss can never be found
Innocence a landfill in the ground
Mom & Dad, don’t be scared
This technology can save you
My son, are you there?
This technology is killing you!

We are wedged between two lies
We are generation “why?”

Ripe with
Hopes & Dreams
They told us we can be whatever
We wanted to be
And if it’s up to me
I’m just going back to sleep

The clock ticks, but time stands still
A catatonic point of view
Anxiety, takes a hold
Brings you to your knees & then
Good old days, never fade
Security's a state of mind

We are stuck between two lives
We are Generation Y
Track Name: Minnie's Song
Minnie's Song
Slightly undersized but with the heart of the giant
A spitfire in every word & let me tell you this
She’s been misunderstood from the first breath she took
She’ll never cast judgment for things you have done

Thrown from a car & left for dead
Trapped inside a dumpster nowhere to rest her head
Living on the streets scrounging to survive
That’s when I entered & saved both of our lives

Do you need a friend?
A Forever Home, till the end

Minnie moved in on the day we met
I remember that feeling that moment of bliss
Minnie had a family a roof over her head
Plenty to eat & a nice warm bed

Friends & family can come in all shapes & sizes
It’s the fire in their hearts that they chose to share
Build each other up / don’t tear each other down
Be a better person make Minnie proud
Track Name: Nitrous
Come to me
And I can’t wait to dream
Slipping away
Day By Day
That just the price you pay

She’s high up in the sky
Please come back down to me
That s not the life you chose
Trust me
You’ll see

By an open flame
Like Pyro, stay away
You’re having too much fun on the outside
When Inside your
burning alive

Nobody’s perfect
And that’s how its goes
These pills aren’t worth it
They’re killing you slow
She’s better than that
She’s stronger than this
Reach inside
Fight & resist the urge
The urge
Track Name: Rad-O-Diner
The foods okay & the atmosphere
Take it or leave it, I don’t really care
Cause Frank keeps them coming 2 at time
I like my coffee like I like my woman
Strong & bold, independent
Thinkers, dreamers, miscreants of the night

Gypsy love find me now
Gypsy love find me now
I’m searching every diner
In every podunk town
Gypsy love find me now

From New York city to Louisiana
California to Texarkana
Lost search for greatness & true love
Hopped a train back to Eldorado
The same fucking train that leads back home
Who wants to go home when you live alone?

So Frank put the coffee on
I’m almost done singing this song
Cause the girl of my dreams is about to walk in.
Ordered 12 coffees that’s about it
Paid my tab with change scrounged for the tip
Walked right passed her, I couldn’t even say hi

Gypsy love find me now
Gypsy love find me now
I’m searching every diner
In every podunk town
Gypsy love find me now
I’m searching every punk rock show
In every punk rock town
Gypsy love find me now
Track Name: Spoonful of Sugar
Spoonful of Sugar
Darling, tell me who to be.
Tell me what you need.
With each passing day
I'm fighting through your haze.

I'll get your medicine.
Prescribe you anything,
to make you feel alright.
You keep me waiting here.
And I'm still waiting here, waiting for your call.

And what happen to that girl
that brightened up our world?
She's lost and can't be found.
And you’re dragging me down

Just take your medicine.
Painkillers and Vicodin.
You"ll never be alright.
You keep me waiting here.
And I’m still waiting here.
Waiting for your call.
Track Name: A Toast To The Hopeful
A Toast to The Hopeful
We lay awake at night
Staring straight up towards the sky.
Never thinking of the "how?"
But just wondering bout the "why?"

To all of those who want a new way to live.
To all of those who want change for a drink.
For all of those who pray for the day
they're not down & out cause they
never gave up, never gave up, never gave up.

I hope this fire burns out before you breathe in my smoke.
The way this city dreams when they are ignoring your screams.
And may the children see that we can live together.
And may the parents see there are people sleeping in the

I hope this fire burns out before you breathe in my smoke.
A world that’s really free, with equal opportunity.
And may the white house see this is no silly pipe dream.
And may the whole world see we can do it if we try.